All-in-One Mobile
Messaging Solution
for Enterprise

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  • Online Messaging Solution, no code required
  • Provide low-cost, automated reminders
  • Improve workforce management & comms
  • Offer SMS one-time passwords
  • Automated confirmations & reminders

Worker Safety and
Incident Management
Using SMS

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  • Deploy rapid incident alerts via SMS
  • Use pre-configured groups and templates
  • Escalate no replies
  • Track responses in real-time
  • Increase times to respond

Template Messaging for
Administrative Control
and Faster Communication

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  • Easy to use templates for consistency
  • Admins manage template content
  • Customisable inputs for templates
  • Restrict template editing for any user
  • Use across multiple facilities
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Automation using
Programmable SMS and
Messaging APIs

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  • Sophisticated enterprise HTTP, HTTPS, and SMPP APIs
  • Send Email to SMS via flexible SMTP API
  • Use REST APIs to simplify and reduce server-side operations
  • Create or delete contacts & groups via API
  • Perform complex operations such as send Tracking ID via API
  • Adaptable to custom syntax or existing IT systems

Self-Manage Broadcasting

Control User Accounts

Streamline & Automate

Send SMS Anywhere

Communicate & Collaborate

All-In-One Enterprise Messaging

Comprehensive web solution for messaging automation and turnkey enterprise mobile messaging.

Dynamic Contacts & Distribution

Create contacts, groups and lists that reside in the system and become available via APIs or mobile clients. Full support for dynamic opt-in and opt-out integration.

Hierarchy & Data Views

Hierarchical data and visibility management. Create different views for administrators, regional or organizational managers, and users.

Robust User Management

Offers role-based user management that provides access to highly customizable capabilities based on each user.

"Smart" Programmable APIs

IT system integration using powerful and proven HTTP, REST, SMTP, SMPP and group/contact APIs

Integrated A2P Mobile Messaging

Supports outbound and inbound application-to-peer messaging, with robust capabilities for an integrated and secure IP, SMS, MMS, Voice and Location user experience.

Security Options

Options include a secure A2P mobile messaging client, HTTPS and FTPS API access, secure portal login, and an application for 2nd-factor authentication as a mobile token via SMS for online user-identity verification.

Flexible Plugin Support

Supports web-based access with plugins for custom integration.

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